Anar Lite Hike shoes

Anar Lite Hike shoes are light trekking shoes with flexible Vibram sole and breathable Sympatex membrane. A low cut Anar Lite Hike shoe is stable but super light and comfortable shoe for day trekking and other outdoor activities. It’s equipped with quick Fitgo -lacing that adds comfort of use and wearing.


  • A light shoe for day trekking and outdoor use
  • Flexible and breathable design
  • Vibram sole offers both traction and elasticity
  • Sympatex film makes the shoe waterproof
  • Fitgo lacing keeps the shoe firmly in place
  • Designed and tested in Finland

Additional information




Black, Red

Care instructions

Huuhtele ja pyyhi puhtaaksi kostealla liinalla. Anna kuivua käytön jälkeen huoneenlämmössä. Käsittele tasaisin väliajoin Anar Eco -suojasuihkeella.

Rinse and wipe with a damp cloth. Allow to dry at room temperature after use. Treat with Anar Eco protection spray on a regular basis.